Thursday, July 5, 2007

Art work spaces, an oxymoron

You can find all the usual suspects in my art workspace: chair, desk, easel, pencils, brushes, and paint. Art-work-space seems a bit of an oxymoron. Art does not seem like work and when there's space, it can be a sign of a problem.
The final photo is one of my favorite places to work. It looks inviting and warm doesn't it? It is just an illusion however, because being a short distance from deep, cold water, you really need snow pants and mittens to sit outside here. After having lived in Europe and loved cobblestones, a patio seemed a way to quell the longing to be lounging outside at a French or Italian sidewalk cafe. I had forgotten the temperature difference between Italian summers and Pacific coast summers. Actually, July and August do afford some opportunities to sit outside here. Come over to my house for tea, and bring your ski wear!

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